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April 24, 2010

Neo-Segregationism in the North: Kyleigh’s Law

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Possibly as yet another provision put in place by the chronologically superior group that has silenced and puppeteered the government into passing laws restricting the younger generation, Kyleigh’s Law (official document) was passed last year and will take effect on May 1, 2010, with its most outstanding provision being the $4 orange decal that will become mandatory as a “mark of shame” to be placed on the license plates of all drivers under the age of 21.

From the initial petition proposal backing bill A4021, the bill is designed to:

1) assist law enforcement in identifying an infraction;

2) will also help with the peer pressure of driving reckless[sic] and/or having more passengers than allowed;

3) with the car marked young drivers will know that they can be easily identified and will refrain from taking the risk

Proponents of the new measure claim that the it is “one of the most significant steps forward in teen driver safety”, remarking that not only does it allow officials to more easily identify potential law-breakers who may not be complying with the probationary license restrictions, but also (more…)


April 22, 2010

Asthma Medicine Now 2000 Times More Expensive Than Gold

Upon visiting the allergist for an examination of seasonal allergies (that caused me to spend last year’s USAMO reacting to respiratory stress rather than writing down proofs), I was promptly diagnosed with “symptoms of mild asthma” and prescribed an excess of $400 in medicine for one month of use “to relieve breathing difficulties associated with asthma”, with a vague explanation as to what I am actually allergic to and a brief suggestion to use Claritin and other generic antihistamines. I never experienced any off-season difficulties resembling asthmatic episodes, so the expensive diagnosis struck me as a rather disproportionate treatment for a likely nonexistent ailment. (more…)

March 17, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: College Confidential Infiltrated by Super Moderators

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I was hanging around the CC AIME I thread when I noticed a topic titled “Scipio”. While initially repulsed by what appeared to be a misspelling of the astrological entity, I clicked on it anyways. Oh man was I in for a surprise when I clicked on it…

Topic: Scipio

“So most of you probably have seen him around in CC. After all, he IS a SUPER moderator. Anyway, my (more…)

28th Annual Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME I)

UPDATE: All answers have been obtained.

2010 March 16 AIME I problems are transcribed as below. Confirmed solutions to the AIME will be collected and incorporated into the post.

Due to…er, legal reasons I was unable to post this until 12:00 AM March 17 EDT. My apologies.

© 2010 Mathematical Association of America

1. Maya lists all the (more…)

March 8, 2010

RSI Rejection Letter

I seemed to have put on hiatus blogging for an extended period of time… My sincerest of apologies. Now that academic work (and AMC 12*) has drained off, I am able to resume this again.

In any case, the proverbial “thin envelope” arrived in the mail today. From what I can see this seems to be the universal rejection form for RSI:


January 25, 2010

Dead Excel Day #4: What is your browser homepage?

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Just a quick poll to fill Monday’s blog post. Since Firefox and many other browsers allow multiple tabs to be opened on start, multiple choice is enabled. I am fairly certain that the options cover a vast majority of all browser homepages in use, but there always can be exceptions.

January 24, 2010

RSI Anticipation Index

Blog? Dead? Nah. Apologies for the intermission, I just have not found any spare time to post on this blog in the last few days. Well, for the RSI applicants now panicking about whether or not you’ll be accepted, here’s a quick formula for your RSI application acceptance index. I haphazardly drafted it one day on College Confidential but decided that it is of sufficient value to be revised into a serious formula to give a rough measure of how likely you will be accepted. A low index is not necessarily an indicator of failure: this is, after all, for fun, and should not be taken as an absolute measure of your likelihood of acceptance :).

(The commercial nature of and its failure to provide me with FTP access means I can’t post an applet that’ll do the calculations for you. But hey, if you applied to RSI, you probably would not mind a bunch of arithmetic calculations :P.)

Original post here.

THE FORMULA: (more…)

January 17, 2010

C-POL: “Just a Theory” (UPDATE: English Translation now Available)

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Repost of, which has already been deleted. It is a satirical account predicting the future of China. There are way too many phonetic exploits in here for a translation to do it justice, but I tried anyways.


Just a Theory(2010-01-17 03:57:25)

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2010: China launches “Internet Regulation Project”, with slogan “Three days without beating and trouble will be brewing”.

2010: China expands keyword blacklist, Chinese character “档” and English alphabet “D” disappear from the internet. and are forced to relocate to filthynet and respectively.

June 2010: “Protect the Children” Project takes off in China, Children’s Day is promoted to a National Holiday and government announces stringent control of all information (more…)

China: “Google needs to be punished!”

Okay, so I failed to update my blog in the last three days. Sorry! (In my defense, I never promised a daily posting schedule. That TASP essay will have to wait, however.)

What I have learned over the last few days:

-German trains run like clockwork. In the sense of a rusted, mangled pile of unstable machinery less accurate than a sundial at midnight.

-Even though 1 Euro is approximately 1.6 USD, prices are actually 1.6 times more expensive in units of currency, meaning something worth $10 USD here is sold for something like $16 Euro on the other side of the Atlantic.

-China is fucktarded.

When Google announced its censorship compliance policy with the Chinese Government back in January 2006, a huge barrage of criticism befell the company and their stocks dropped massively, with Congress comparing Google to “Nazi collaborators”. Although sites that showed up in Google’s search results were already censored by China’s content-filtering firewall, the newly-established would (more…)

January 13, 2010

Dead Excel Day #3: Oh dear. Still?!

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Excel is still dead, unfortunately, due to math league and various other necessary obligations. (Team tied with East Brunswick. Note to self: 120 * 720 does not equal 8640.) Meanwhile, entertain yourself with this short clip of Claytronics.

A sample TASP literary analysis essay will be up at around 9/10 P.M. EST tomorrow as an independent post. Screw it. LOL.

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