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January 6, 2010

Chaosbrot update: Applet rewritten

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EDIT> This has its own Wikipedia page now. Hmm.

Since I have nothing extraordinary to blog about and someone complained that the chaosbrot applet from last time did not let the user view any fractals other than the relatively uninteresting one I had chosen, I took a few minutes and coded a slide bar for it. Here’s a view of the new UI:

The slide bar increments by 1 each “tick” and goes from -20 to 20, but you can input decimal values into the text box for precise tuning. A chaos value of 2 = your normal Mandelbrot set. (Free fractal program? GG Ultra Fractal, my program does pretty much exactly what your application does for 90% of its users, is 900 times smaller, and costs $69 less (read: free) than your commercial package.)

*I’ve taken down the applet link temporarily to fix some compatibility issues, which is strange since Java performance should not be platform-dependent. Anyways, expect a new link at some point later today.

(Unfortunately does not let me embed applets into the webpage, but it is worth playing around with. All you need to run it is a java-enabled web browser, and you probably have it if you’re viewing this blog from your desktop. The download is literally only 5 seconds.)


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