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March 17, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: College Confidential Infiltrated by Super Moderators

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I was hanging around the CC AIME I thread when I noticed a topic titled “Scipio”. While initially repulsed by what appeared to be a misspelling of the astrological entity, I clicked on it anyways. Oh man was I in for a surprise when I clicked on it…

Topic: Scipio

“So most of you probably have seen him around in CC. After all, he IS a SUPER moderator. Anyway, my other account, shph119, was recently given infraction because of ‘profanity.’ And Scipio PMs me saying that I should take a few days off and read the Terms of Service. And apparently, the mods are supposed to give me a warning before they can take away my posting rights. Did I ever get a warning? No, other than the infraction, which really doesn’t count since the infraction came with the lack of posting rights. So I PMed him. Asked him why, even though I never got a warning, had my posting rights taken away. He didn’t answer. Then, now, I just found out that my ‘punishment’ was extended due to ” repeating inappropriate posts”…. Seriously? Something should be done about this “super moderator” who doesn’t even follow his own rules/advice.

I made a new account so that I can justify myself, but it was banned again for ‘return of a banned user’… WOW. Scipio… You don’t even let me justify myself? What. You’re gonna delete this thread now?

Now my original account is permanently banned for not willing to follow the TOS? I AM willing to follow it. But obviously, YOU’re not, since you’re breaking the first paragraph of the TOS.”

It appeared to be a complaint about a moderator’s actions, and, while seemingly saturated with angst and haphazard thought, it was, after all, free of spelling errors, prompting me to take the guy seriously at least to some extent. Absent-minded at the moment, I copy-pasted the contents into notepad for review later, to notice that the thread disappeared without a trace when I pressed “refresh”.

Well, that was fast; the OP’s prediction seemed quite true. I kept this at the back of my head and went on to check on the AIME problems.

Interestingly, similar threads began to pop up with frequency in the same forum, all made by members with 0 posts. I found no value archiving them as their content coherence disintegrated with time’s passage, continuously making less sense as time went on. Nevertheless, I realized that someone must have been permabanned from CC and must be quite frustrated at the apparent lack of an explanation. Since there’s no way I could PM him, I made a generalized thread that appeared like the follows:

Topic: To anyone complaining about CC moderation

1. It’s against the rules to discuss moderator actions.

2. Calm down. Take a deep breath. Stay low as a new member. Ask yourself: Did I bring this upon myself? Would a reasonable person have done what I did to get banned/warned?

3. Think over whether or not it is worth wasting real-life time complaining about a ban from an internet forum.

4. Finally, if none of that helps, take a look at this [de]motivator:

I shrugged and left it at that. The thread gathered about 4 posts, then I received a puzzling PM from Scipio himself:

Scipio: 1. It’s against the rules to discuss moderator actions.

In that case I suggest you stop.

Half-expecting the result, I pressed “back” three times and pressed refresh. The thread had indeed been nerfed to the chasms of nonexistence, ostensibly by the same person. I followed this up with an exchange:


Re: 1. It’s against the rules to discuss moderator actions.


I never mentioned, alluded to, or in any way connected my post with a specific action taken by an administrator or moderator affiliated with or administering any portion of the College Confidential Forums. Please do explain why it constitutes a “discussion of moderator actions” when it does not even refer to any specific moderator or administrator.



Re: 1. It’s against the rules to discuss moderator actions.

If you have a complaint or point to make about the moderators, make it to the moderators. Discussing the moderators is not allowed in the open forums. You are not going to get around the rules by arguing that you were discussing the moderators themselves and not their actions. That’s a distinction without a difference, and such sophistry won’t get you anywhere.

If you like to CC and wish to remain a member, please keep all your posts within the Term of Service. Thank you.


Re: 1. It’s against the rules to discuss moderator actions.


My apologies, but perhaps you have failed to understand my previous PM; in the message I conveyed that I had not referred to CC moderators, actions, or any other item even remotely tangent to the “moderation” the TOS pertains to. I simply reiterated the fact that “It’s against the rules to discuss moderator actions” and provided two quick pieces of advice for anyone under emotional distress to follow as they see fit; I do not understand why any of that constitutes an infringement of the TOS even under the most absurd of interpretations. If you would, please point out the portion of the Terms of Service or any other authoritative document on CC not recently authored (as to avoid ex post facto regulations) that pertains to my particular action and why it is unacceptable and I would gladly accept your claim.



Re: 1. It’s against the rules to discuss moderator actions.

Oh, please. By the thread’s very title and and the title of this PM, taken from your post, it’s clear you were posting about CC moderation. And to boot you repeatedly throw in a link to a mocking picture. You think that’s going to add up to an acceptable post?

You have a choice. You can remain on CC by not discussion[sic] moderators or their action or violating the TOS in other ways, or you can be asked to leave. Your call.


Re: 1. It’s against the rules to discuss moderator actions.

I see that “moderator” and “rules” are evidently considered profane and unacceptable vocabulary on CC. If you insist, I will carry this discussion no further, as there seems to be very little value in continuing to do so.


Eh. So I get threatened with a permaban for…wait, what did I do again?

CC evidently does not seem like it endorses free speech, if this particular moderator’s attitude is anything to go by. How unfortunate.



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  2. yeah that other super moderator endomom just gave me a permaban when i wrote a response arguing with her about her hypocrisy (only i didn’t actually use that word or anything actually insulting). they’re just a bunch of egotistical control freaks hiding behind their virtual “super moderator” titles.

    Comment by C — February 12, 2012 @ 7:17 pm

  3. agree with you 100%. i got banned for reposting a deleted post, which i didn’t even know was deleted. i just thought the post didn’t show up because i never got to see the post. so now i’m banned for a year. this is just ridiculous and clearly that is support of the first amendment we all have rights to. so if you would like, we can all just post this and other complaints all over the internet until college confidential figures out what can and cannot be done as a user.

    Comment by yowatag — April 20, 2013 @ 7:34 pm

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  7. I used to enjoy spending time on CC, but now it’s just a crappy forum festering with arrogant moderators and users. They banned me for no reason and with no warning, and they ignored my emails and deleted the new account I’d made. CC is a hellhouse run by egotistical maniacs and control freaks with nothing better to do than report every other little comment made on that shi* website. Down with CC!!!

    Comment by Michelle — December 23, 2014 @ 6:05 pm

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