The Uninteresting Chronicles of a High School Student

About Me

I am simply a male high school student of the class of 2011 who found WordPress to be hospitable; a life story (as suggested by the too-user-friendly WordPress UI) would never fit here, and I certainly do not own a high-maintenance canine last time I checked, so I’m afraid the default subpages will have to go.

While not an extremely outstanding student by any means, I do hold a good degree of interest in mathematics and computer science, so a good amount of my posts will probably be dedicated to those topics. But please do not expect clockwork updates; I am only a student, after all.

Short-tern goal: Get into MIT.

Feasible short-term goal: Survive AP exams this year. Hopefully. A string of 5s won’t last forever.

Long-term goal: Immortalize oneself as a household name on the level of Gauss, Einstein, and Pythagoras. While starting a World War or inventing a device that chugs dead dinosaurs for kinetic motion will accomplish the same, I would prefer to go about it in more… peaceful manners.

Non-ludicrous long-term goal: No point worrying about this until I get into college…


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