The Uninteresting Chronicles of a High School Student

January 25, 2010

Dead Excel Day #4: What is your browser homepage?

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Just a quick poll to fill Monday’s blog post. Since Firefox and many other browsers allow multiple tabs to be opened on start, multiple choice is enabled. I am fairly certain that the options cover a vast majority of all browser homepages in use, but there always can be exceptions.


January 13, 2010

Dead Excel Day #3: Oh dear. Still?!

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Excel is still dead, unfortunately, due to math league and various other necessary obligations. (Team tied with East Brunswick. Note to self: 120 * 720 does not equal 8640.) Meanwhile, entertain yourself with this short clip of Claytronics.

A sample TASP literary analysis essay will be up at around 9/10 P.M. EST tomorrow as an independent post. Screw it. LOL.

January 12, 2010

Dead Excel day #2: Hatsune Miku

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More important things beckoned, so I won’t be posting today. Instead, enjoy this Hatsune Miku song, generated electronically with Vocaloid. (A splendid program, I must admit.)

January 7, 2010

Dead Excel Day #1 and Indian Obesity

Nothing interesting happened today aside from some very frustrating assignments, so there won’t be much of a post. In short: 3 days left to finish art commission, 3 essays to write for tomorrow, and 1 very busy Excel results. (The school team won academic league (again), that makes 3 wins 1 loss so far this season for both varsity and JV. But no one cares about that, so read on for news you might, on the off chance, actually care about.)


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