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April 24, 2010

Neo-Segregationism in the North: Kyleigh’s Law

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Possibly as yet another provision put in place by the chronologically superior group that has silenced and puppeteered the government into passing laws restricting the younger generation, Kyleigh’s Law (official document) was passed last year and will take effect on May 1, 2010, with its most outstanding provision being the $4 orange decal that will become mandatory as a “mark of shame” to be placed on the license plates of all drivers under the age of 21.

From the initial petition proposal backing bill A4021, the bill is designed to:

1) assist law enforcement in identifying an infraction;

2) will also help with the peer pressure of driving reckless[sic] and/or having more passengers than allowed;

3) with the car marked young drivers will know that they can be easily identified and will refrain from taking the risk

Proponents of the new measure claim that the it is “one of the most significant steps forward in teen driver safety”, remarking that not only does it allow officials to more easily identify potential law-breakers who may not be complying with the probationary license restrictions, but also (more…)


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