The Uninteresting Chronicles of a High School Student

January 11, 2010

“The College Admissions Scam”: Legitimate Presentation or Sensationalist Rant?

(I really should have posted this yesterday (when the OP-ED in question was published), but eh. Deadlines are meant to be stretched, especially since more important stuff get in the way. Anyways, read it first, since I’ll be jumping around a little bit and it might help to know the context.) In any case, onto the post:

A recent OP-ED, titled “The College Admissions Scam” was published on the Boston Globe, a newspaper known for being the epitome of journalist integrity. The article in question attempts to address a highly controversial and important issue:  the integrity of college admissions. The writer, Neal Gabler, wrote a book about how Jews created the film industry, stars in a film whose title suggests that Hollywood was somehow responsible for the Holocaust, and apparently appears on the completely neutral and factual Fox news.



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