The Uninteresting Chronicles of a High School Student

January 8, 2010

Breaking news: Leftovers now worth more than fresh food

Being a slow Friday with nothing especially controversial or technical to rant about, I decided to take a look at my day and rant about the miscellaneous things in life. Since a post about creationism or Scientology would probably lead to a dead Excel before the next morning, I must resort to the alternative of discussing a more plebeian issue: the school lunch.

While cookies haven’t murdered people at my school yet, (more…)


January 5, 2010

Application Breakdown: RSI (Really Selective Institute)

RSI (Research Science Institute) is one of MIT’s three main residential summer programs and apparently one of the most competitive and prestigious in the nation according to Caltech. Hmm, not bad. Not only does the program only accept 80 students, only 50 or so are actually from the US with the 30 remaining slots allocated for foreign students and DoDEA members. College Confidential forumers (who are obviously infallible and omnipotent) claim that about 5% of RSI applicants are accepted annually (does that mean only 1000 people bothered to apply to it in ths US?). That does seem quite formidable for an optimistic estimate, considering that you’re more likely to get into Harvard with their 7% acceptance rate


The Governor’s Lottery of New Jersey

While I would prefer to be lazy and assume my readers know what everything I say refers to, unfortunately not everyone in the world who might read this blog lives in New Jersey. So here is the “selective” summer program in question.


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