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January 17, 2010

C-POL: “Just a Theory” (UPDATE: English Translation now Available)

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Repost of, which has already been deleted. It is a satirical account predicting the future of China. There are way too many phonetic exploits in here for a translation to do it justice, but I tried anyways.


Just a Theory(2010-01-17 03:57:25)

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2010: China launches “Internet Regulation Project”, with slogan “Three days without beating and trouble will be brewing”.

2010: China expands keyword blacklist, Chinese character “档” and English alphabet “D” disappear from the internet. and are forced to relocate to filthynet and respectively.

June 2010: “Protect the Children” Project takes off in China, Children’s Day is promoted to a National Holiday and government announces stringent control of all information (more…)


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